5 Secrets On How To Take Back Your Happiness

Happiness is more a state than a feeling.

As we all know, gentleness is not the absence of strength. It exists and is expressed in spite of it. Likewise, happiness is not exclusive to those without life’s worries – for who is? It is the application of learned ways to deal with external issues which threaten our contentment.

Help for your relationship with happiness

Be creative.
Inside each of us there lives a non physical being waiting for a chance to become the essence of our identity.

Most of us have shackled this being, handcuffing it to the darkest parts of our existence until after a while, it becomes imprisoned for life. We do it to our children’s entity too. We structure every activity in which they are involved – dancing, horse riding football etc and we insist they keep at it because we have “already paid for the entire term”. While I am by no means advocating that getting involved in these activities stifles our creativity, they do not, I am simply pointing out that we do need to allow ourselves a little time to let our imagination regenerate.

When we were children, some of the happiest, most satisfying and contented times we had were the ones spent making up games to play by ourselves, with friends or siblings. Remember how we talked to ourselves with abandon, making contact with who we intrinsically were? It is still possible to exhume that ability.

Delete the restraints we put on our creativity and set that being free. Let him/her into the forefront even for just two hours a week. Dance, write, sing, paint, garden, build, volunteer etc. Your inner being is steadily shrinking because there is something you refuse to allow it to indulge in. If we die inside, happiness has evaded us.

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Anne Lyken-Garner is a published author, editor and freelance writer. Her specialities include relationships and confidence building. You can find her inspirational memoir here.
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