Baby Animals in an Adult World Gone Mad

The hero is not the man/woman who's standing still, wringing their hands, worrying about how much pain the abandoned are experiencing. The hero is the one who sets out to share, thus minimizing the pain.

Because we have achieved more in the West, and have been allowed to grow bigger and develop faster, our nations are able to recklessly and limitlessly consume, and demand so much at a cheap price, that the rest of the world has to bow to our collective whim. We now have the power to tell them how much we think their produce is worth, and how much we're prepared to pay. They like children, subjected to the power of a tyrant parent, have no choice but to acquiesce.

There is enough on earth for us all. God has given us an abundance of wealth, beauty, and food to satisfy all the people of the entire earth. His plan I'm sure was not for the rich to covet it all.

In this article, pictures of soft, baby animals are used to demonstrate the wild consumption of our crazy world.

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