Relationship With God

A relationship with God is one of the easiest relationships to form and nurture. God has already extended His hand in support, friendship and total dedication. He offers unconditional love. These are all very important aspects to a firm relationship, so all that's left to be done, is for us to keep our side of the bargain. These articles below have been to help you build your relationship with God. Click on any of the headings to read the entire pieces.

Relationship with God


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Psalm 23

In times of sadness and feelings of desperation, we need light-giving food. This is it.
Psalm 23 has been a familiar scripture even in my youth, long before I knew what Christianity was about, but what does it really mean and can it be applied to our lives in this digitised, computerised 21st century?

How To Stand Up And Be Counted As A Christian When On Your Own
Nothing is worth selling your principles for, because when the dust has settled and the responses you feared have gone, you’re left alone stripped of the values which moulded the person you were meant to be.

Bible Proverbs - Ripe For Modern Picking
It’s worth reading the book of Proverbs even if you aren’t religiously inclined, as it offers solid principles which we all could do well to live by. Here are some which offer diamonds for practical living.

7 Giant Bible Misquotes And Untruths
Several events and phrases have been converted from the bible into everyday usage. Find out how some of them can be dead wrong.
Those of us who read and believe the bible, and those who don’t, regularly misquote several parts of it. There are for some reason, favourite parts of scripture which are generally misquoted or misused. I have laid out seven of them below, the ones which I think best illustrate my point.

Love Is No Longer Just An Emotion
Our relationship with God is the essence that adds flavour and fragrance our relationship with the people around us. Understanding the concept of sacrificial love in the way that He sent His son to die for us, equips us with the ability to love others selflessly.

The Riches  IReap From The Ground
Thoughts about the role we play in the state of our world.

Take Time Out For A Short Devotional Today
A Short devotional based on James 4:17. “To him who knows to do good and does not do it, to him it”s a sin.’

Top Bible Names Of Our Time

There is one ‘Bible’ name which will be mentioned quite a lot come Christmas. ‘Jesus’ will be the most used biblical name at Christmas, yet theleast chosen by Christians for their children’s names (especially by English speakers).
This being so, Bible names are making a robust comeback in the naughties. Even some people who do not profess Christianity have chosen (maybe unwittingly) names for their babies which have originated from the bible. Do you know parents who have – or have you – given your baby a name you loved because you found it (or a derivative of it) in the Bible?

What Kind Of Friend Are You?
Would you consider yourself the Jesus type, the Judas type, or would you put yourself somewhere in the middle? Read this article to help you make up your mind.


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