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If you're single, looking for a love relationship, or lost in love, these articles for singles are here to warm your heart.
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Articles for singles who're looking for love

Do What It Takes To Grab Your Chance At Love

For some reason, I’d managed to dodge watching Sleepless In Seattle until last night. This amazing movie has been around for 16 years but my life’s turns and choices have played sliding doors with it until now.

I stood astounded at how similar to my own love story the plot was. It turned my thoughts to true love relationships and the selections we make in our lives that eventually lead us to our soul mates.

10 Sure Ways To Get Over Him

Can’t seem to get over a terrible break-up? Follow these sure ways of finally putting it behind you for good.
We have all been through complicated break-ups with our love relationship before, some tougher than others. Sometimes it feels like we would never recover from the anguish and desperation losing love can bring. This is why I’ve outlined 10 powerful ways to help.

How To Find A Lasting, Happy Relationship With The Man Of Your Dreams
Help for thirty-plus women who have had a hard time dating.
You may even be thinking of giving up trying because it seems that the right man you’re looking for has not yet been made. Sometimes it seems like every man you meet is a potential date and future partner, but then something, or everything goes wrong and you find with each disappointment, that your heart becomes increasingly more desperate to find that someone. Not any more! Here's where you can prepare to find that love relationship you've dreamed of.
(As an added bonus, there is also a list of various, useful online dating services at the end of this article).

Dos And Don'ts When Looking For Your Serious Relationship
Sometimes the older we grow, the harder it gets to meet the right person. So much time is spent these days on online dating that people have almost forgotten how to be honest about themselves when they come face to face on a date with an actual person. Here are some tips to get you back in the game of that love relationship you've always wanted.

Single? Work It To Your Advantage
There are all kinds of research these days, some proving that married people are happier and more content; and on the other hand, others insisting that single people live longer and have more fulfilling lives. Meanwhile, in our real world, these results do not address the seemingly opposing views displayed in the reports of rising divorce rates, or the constant drive for unmarried people to find that ‘special someone’.

Why He's No Good For You
You know the kind of guy, right. You kind of like him, but you’re unsure whether he sees you as just a friend or is secretly hoping to get love-busy with you. You’re sort of at the point in life where you’ll settle for less than you would have ten years ago. But is he your compromise-prize guy, or do those neon warning signs buzzing at the back of your brain know something you’re not letting yourself see.

10 Reasons Why Cupid Can't Find You Love
Why Cupid is unable to find you or anyone else love this Valentine’s Day.

Reasons Why Dating After 40 Is Twice As Good As The First Time
 There is none of the messing around that inevitably accompanies dating when we’re young. We go through a lot of trial and testing as young daters, because we’re still searching for the right type of person to suit our personality, a personality with which we ourselves are vaguely familiar.
Why Girls Keep Dumping You
Girls keep dumping you, but you know you’re a decent guy. You’re not aggressive, rude or mean, and all-round, you’re not that bad looking either. Besides, you take hours waxing every strand of hair into place and if given a chance, can charm the fur off a sloth’s backside. So what’s up with the Venus dwellers, you ask. But could the problem be a bit closer to Mars?

Have you got trouble dating? Are you having a hard time finding that love relationship of your dreams? Here are a few books that will certainly help you do just that. Read, digest and when you're done, go get them!


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