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Our relationship with God is the essence that adds flavour and fragrance our relationship with the people around us. Understanding the concept of sacrificial love in the way that He sent His son to die for us, equips us with the ability to love others selflessly. Love is no longer just an emotion, neither is it about what we can get from someone else. Our love for God and the value of this spiritual relationship ignites a desire in us to enrich the lives of people we encounter.

I’ve written a group of articles based on our relationship with God and how it inadvertently overflows to the people made in his image around us. Following are the links to some of the most popular ones.

Bible Proverbs - Ripe for Modern Living answers the question: It’s worth reading the book of Proverbs even if you aren’t religiously inclined? This collection makes it clear that the book offers solid principles which we all could do well to live by, and offers diamonds for advice in practical, social living.

How to Stand Up and be Counted When on Your Own addresses the uncomfortable issues we face when we work or study as lone believers in a sea of people without faith. Nothing is worth selling your principles for, because when the dust has settled and the responses you feared have gone, you’re left alone stripped of the values which moulded the person you were meant to be. How does one stand up to adversity and agnosticism and what can we do?

Psalm 23 has been a familiar scripture even in my youth, long before I knew what Christianity was about. But what does it really mean and can it be applied to our lives in this digitised, computerised 21st century? Food For The Soul When We're Down determines how this popular psalm can calm us in the time of soul searching. It also gives a historical explanation of the verses contained in Psalm 23.

The Riches I Reap From The Ground are poignant verses written about the role we play in the state of the world, and Giant Bible Misquotes and Untruths examines the phenomenon that both those who read and believe the bible and those who don’t, regularly misquote several parts of it. There are, for some reason, favourite parts of scripture which are generally misquoted or misused. In this extremely popular article, I’ve outlined some of those scriptural references. I think that part the reason this article was so popular was because many people started reading it with the false notion that it was trying to pull the scriptures apart. It does the opposite.

I know that these articles can offer helpful nutrients, fit for thirsting souls. Please read them and allow them to help you hang on to God’s unchanging hand.


Anne Lyken-Garner is a published author, editor and freelance writer. Her specialities include relationships and confidence building. You can find her inspirational memoir here.
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