Facebook Friends Are 'Real' People?

A ‘friend’ has become such a generic name for people with whom we spend our time. These days we’ve filled our lives with so much time-wasting junk, that too many people have more time for their online ‘friends’ than they do for the real ones they can touch.

I often wonder how we would react if we were stuck in a room with the people we hang out with on Facebook or Twitter. Would we want to stay and chat or would we race out to make fresh online friends whose voices we’ve never heard, whose hands we’ve never seen.

Is the Internet responsible for this shift, or are we so involved in our own lives, we can’t be bothered to share real things with real people.

And what about the things we do share with real people? Are they too superficial, or have we managed to maintain genuine bonds with the people whose lives we’re meant to enrich? In this article I explore a few different types of friendships based on the ‘real’ people we know. In which division do you fall? Are you the Judas type, in it for what you can get? The Peter type, the life of the group when the going is good? Are you somewhere in between, or do you dare to be the Jesus type, strong and dependable?

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Icy BC October 28, 2009 at 11:55 AM  

You've brought up so many great points about online friends to think about.

I have many people asked me to add them to my Facebook account that's not even funny, since I don't even know who they are? Can I really call these people friends?

Anne Lyken-Garner October 28, 2009 at 2:20 PM  

Icy, I know what you mean. I get those too. I think some people just want to build up numbers and add everyone they see on their other friends' lists.

evenflowdave November 2, 2009 at 9:13 PM  

Good Point Anne. If I had as much communication with my real life friends, as I do with my online ones, i reckon I'd have some more reasons to smile.

I jusy wish I had the time :)

Anne Lyken-Garner is a published author, editor and freelance writer. Her specialities include relationships and confidence building. You can find her inspirational memoir here.
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