The Moon Gets Shot!

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I don’t normally write about this kind of thing on this relationship blog, but I’ve just updated the other two, and frankly, I need to rage.

You would think that our leaders would have enough work on their plates at this time. What, with our servicemen being marched out to Afghanistan to be shot at, the steady rise of HIV in Africa, pollution killing our Earth slowly, and the current credit crunch eating in to our limited resources.

This doesn’t seem to be the case at all because now we’ve gone and shot the moon.

Shoot the moon?
Yes, I know what they said about water and rocket fuel and all that jive.

Yes, like little boys and girls, we took the moon in one hand and a NASA space shuttle in the other. We crashed them together and filmed (or at least try to. I can't find a working video of the impact anywhere) the collision live. Then, we invited all our friends to the party to see the fantastic show.

Only thing is, we didn't get the nice, big ‘boom’ we expected. 'Tis a shame, really.  After the show, we dusted off the debris with the tips of our fingers just to see if any water was juiced out of the bang.
We spent  millions doing this. This was in addition to the trillions we spent on the Iraq war, a lot of which we can't account for.

But never mind this, at least we could claim that we’re spending money for a good reason this time. After all, a film of an unwarranted assault on the moon is not something you see every day, right?

Don't worry, we ain't doing nothin' wrong. Nature blasts the moon every day with big, huge rocks and such.

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