Enjoyable, Free Things to do With Kids in Winter

Enjoyable, free things to do with kids in winter will show you how you can spend quality time with your kids without spending any money at all. Of course, it will take some time, but it will be time very well spent, and they'll remember it for years to come. 
Birds washing themselves in the bird washer, hot chocolate steaming from oversized mugs, the crackling sound of the logs in the fireplace, and cosy quilts thrown on the sofa in front of the TV, are all signs that winter is on our heels.

There's nothing we could do but wait it out and hope for a few light, bright, sun-lit days. So why not determine to enjoy it the best way we know how. Throw on the knitted sweater and soft, fluffy scarves and get stuck in with both woolly-socked clad feet.

Help your kids and your relationship with them this winter

Enjoyable things to do with kids in winter, 1: Go for walks
This winter, wrap up warmly and go for walks in the woods or visit public, free gardens, and feed the ducks. The hardest part is motivating the little ones to get dressed, but once this is done, winter walks are quite enjoyable. Take a bag to store gloves and scarves when their little bodies start warming up and they don’t need them any more. Let them run around, climb trees, look under stones, take photographs and enjoy nature at a time of year when we don’t usually notice the wonderful things happening around us.

Enjoyable things to do with kids in winter, 2: Create
Create something wonderful when they get back home. After they’ve warmed up again, it’s time to draw pictures of the things they discovered, or make murals of leaves they collected.

Enjoyable things to do with kids in winter, 3: Hibernate
Make a den somewhere in the house. If you have room in the bedroom or in the dining room, make a temporary den out of sheets and a two chairs, or a more sturdy one out of cardboard. You could just spread a large sheet over your entire dining table and make an instant den under there. Get the kids involved in the building (and painting if required). Spread your cosiest blankets and gather some stuffed toys to put inside. The kids or/and you can use this space to cosy-up together on cold evenings to talk about fun, warmer times. We used to have an indoor play tent. It gave us hours of fun with the kids. 

Enjoyable things to do with kids in winter, 4: Throw a sleep-over party
Get them involved in planning a stuffed-toys or hot-chocolate party (according to age). Make beds on the floor and have a cosy get-together with loved ones. Play games and include a chocolate fountain for earlier in the evening. Drink warm drinks, fill up their hot-water bottles and hunker down for a nice, cosy night.

Enjoyable things to do with kids in winter, 5: Duvet day
Choose a day in the holidays, a bank holiday, or a week-end and dedicate it ‘duvet day.’ Rent films, eat sweets, and lie around the fire (or the central heating) watching films and eating take-out food. Tuck yourselves in with hot-water bottles and loads of cosy quilts and blankets. There is no duvet day like one had in the dead of winter.

These will help you love winter, even if you don't! Are there any other fun ways you spend time with your kids in the winter? These have to be things you do without spending much (or any) money. Please share them in the comment box below so we can all copy them to do with our kids. While you're here, why not check out the other parents and kids articles on this blog. 


Icy BC November 20, 2009 at 5:19 PM  

Great ideas, Anne! JoJo and I sometimes go to Bell Isle to see the flowers to just see colors.

Anne Lyken-Garner November 20, 2009 at 6:14 PM  

Thanks, Icy. It's wonderful to share nature with your kids.

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