Science Project Guides For Parents And Children

Here at the Relationship, we pride ourselves in family living and lifestyle. So when I made this wonderful discovery which makes helping your kids easier, and knew I had to share it with you. 

I know parents sometimes struggle to help their kids with homework. The older the kids get, the more ridiculously longer the assignments become. This is a guide you can purchase for an affordable amount. It has five solid, straight-forward science projects, with individual, easy-to-follow instructions. It saves you looking all over the Internet for last-minute projects, only to find out that you've got to rush out to the store to buy hefty, expensive ingredients.

This guide promises to keep the ingredients confined to most of the things you already have in your home. For me, that's a plus because I hate buying things I'll only use once then discard. You and your child will be given online access to a variety of aides which include research materials, charts and graphs. Best of all, you can help your child from the comfort of your own home. If like me you have a dyslexic child (read my article about how to help your dyslexic child at home with fun, easy projects), these 24 hour science projects ideas with downloadable charts are just the ticket.

I know there are free ones online, but this device is easily laid out to save you the hassle of trying to find them on the Internet. This way you spend the time doing the projects, not looking for them. There is also the matter of not being able to find projects you can actually do to the end. There is nothing worse than getting into something only to find that completion is not possible. 

This guide has been kids, teachers and parents tested. The lay-out is easy to follow and you know up-front the exact amount of time needed for each science project you do. If you're stuck at the last minute for something to do (which I'm very familiar with) this enables you to see the research done on the particular projects so you know exactly what to expect. Click Here! to see if this product fits your child's needs. And please let me know of any feed-back you have. It will help others who're in the same position as ourselves.


Icy BC April 5, 2010 at 6:55 PM  

Oh Anne, you're not kidding with the older the kids, longer homework time part. It's this way for me this year since my son is in 5th grade..

Thanks for sharing the link!

DoanLegacy April 6, 2010 at 6:06 PM  

I would have to forward your link to my friends, they can use this info..

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