Friendship Fails You Never Knew You Were Guilty Of

Are you guilty of these friendship fails? Being a good friend has a lot to do with how we read the other person's silent thoughts. Friends love for us to share our lives with them, but it takes a thoughtful friend and a wise person to keep some things hidden too. Has someone suddenly 'unfriended' you or no longer seem to find the time for a cup of coffee? You may have committed one of the following friendship fails without being aware of it.

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This may be why your friendship relationships are all dwindling

Friendship fail 1. Boasting about your kids
Look, we are all proud of our offspring. That little certificate they brought home from school may have been one of ten shared out in their class but in your mind, your little tyke deserved it more than any of their classmates. You know it's true!
Keep this kind of boasting in check. This can come across as your flimsy attempt to hide the fact you're boasting of how good a parent you are. Your friend's kids may be going through difficult times at school. They may not be as grounded or as brilliant as yours. Remember your friend may be fighting with doubts about her own parenting. It's no fault of hers that her son isn't book smart. He may be great at singing, skateboarding or art, but your boasting can put her on the spot. Instead of going on about your kids, find out what your friends' children are good at and talk to her about their achievements. Wait until you're asked about your children's successes before you blurt them all out to your friends.

How To Get Your Dream Mate To Notice You

Sometimes the older we grow, the harder it gets to meet the right person. I think this may be because our ‘ideal partner’ list has had time to get longer and more unrealistic. So much time is spent these days on online dating that people have almost forgotten how to be honest about themselves when they come face to face on a date with an actual person. Here are some tips to get you back in the game.


How to get your dream mate to notice you
You have your eyes on someone and would like to get them to notice you. Instead of concentrating your energies into getting them, use that time and energy to make them want you instead. Remember that if you think they're so fabulous, chances are other people do too. Your job is not to join the pack and vie for their attention, but to concentrate on making yourself the person that stands out from all the rest of suitors.

Anne Lyken-Garner is a published author, editor and freelance writer. Her specialities include relationships and confidence building. You can find her inspirational memoir here.
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