5 Essential Things You Should Do Once A Month

My previous article 5 Practical Things You Should Do Once A Week garnered so many Google searches that I was encouraged to do this post. Please use the comment form below to tell us about the things you think are vital to do at least once a month. It's important for us to learn from each other's experiences.


Detoxing is very important for ironing out the little flaws the body inevitably experiences from time to time. This is especially true for men and women in their 40s when hormone levels drop drastically and the body finds itself struggling to cope. Just one day in the month can be kept for eating less/eating only fruit and drinking lots of water. Detox the system in the way that's best for you. Spend time also concentrating on your strengths to harness them, then focus them on situations and events in your life causing you stress. Here's a workable detox article I wrote earlier.

Pay your debts
In these really difficult financial times, not many people can afford to pay off their credit cards every month. If you have one with 0 percent interest this is not so essential. Credit card companies make millions in profits from poor people. Don't be part of this statistic. If you can, pay off your credit cards and other debts in full.
If you're buying something big like a sofa or kitchen, many store chains offer these on a hire-purchase method, with no interest to pay. Your money is better off in your bank earning you interest, so paying by  this method is ideal - but obviously only worth it if you're not charged any interest. Debt can cause mental illness, strokes and anxiety disorders. Don't allow your lifestyle to put you in this position.

Work out your monthly exercise
If you have a general yearly expectation of what you may or may not do at the gym, in all likelihood, you'll fail. Having a more short term plan about what exercises you'll do each week is more productive because it allows you to change the things that do not work for you. It also helps you to feel like the power for change is in your hands. You can weed out the activities you don't like, add more of the ones you enjoy, and plan your life (and kids) around the exercises you think work best for you. Don't get caught in a futile up-hill struggle to get 'whatever' and 'everything' done. 10 minutes on the first Sunday of each month is all it'll take (of planning) to give you back that power and focus into finally getting the exercise (activity) routine worked out.

Check your smoke alarm
Dust your smoke alarm once a month to keep it functioning to the best of its ability. It won't even take a second, but this is a life saving device and any such apparatus needs to be checked for their efficiency on a regular basis. Once you've cleaned the smoke alarm, press the button to see that it still works. If you set aside one special day in the month to do this, it'll soon become routine.

Let go

Harbouring grudges and envy is like giving yourself a small dose of poison each day. The grudge/envy grows and festers in your soul, making you bitter and unlovable. The best thing you can do for kids, your loved ones, and indeed yourself, is to let go of one grudge each month.

It won't hurt you. You may feel like letting go means you don't care that the person has hurt you. Of course you care and it gnaws at your insides, but harbouring this is in effect, letting that person win. You're destroying yourself - by yourself - without their help. Letting go will be hard at first, but like everything else, practise makes perfect. By the time you've done it 3 times, it'll be easier to do.

What else do you do once a month? How does it help you to achieve your goals? Have a look at these 5 things you should do at least once a year.


***Icy BC January 28, 2011 at 1:09 PM  

Another wonderful article, Anne! I love the detoxing once a month part, and agree with you about credit cards sucking the life out of poor people. It's so true!

Anonymous January 29, 2011 at 2:57 PM  

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Self Sagacity January 29, 2011 at 7:39 PM  

I agree, these five things are absolutely necessary to do once a month. Good list.

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