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I never take part in memes, but since I have a few minutes to spare before I go out to work, I thought I'd do so today for a change. This meme is hosted by:

I deal with chronic pain every day of my life because my GP took 7 years to diagnose a medical problem I had. He'd never heard of it, so obviously, it did not exist in his mind (many doctors - I've found out - suffer from God complex). He told me it was all in my mind until by chance I went to another doctor who diagnosed me in literally under 2 minutes. By then the damage was done. Nerve endings and blood vessels had had years of overwork and were damaged beyond repair - even after surgery to fix the problem. Many people tell me I should sue, but I don't want to put myself and family through the stress.

 My questions:
1. Have you ever launched a medical lawsuit for any reason?
2. Do you think that the payout of lawsuits are worth the pain and suffering and stress they cause?
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