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One of the important things families have to consider (especially when they have young children) is the acquisition of a dependable, economical and safe car. I know what it's like having a car on which you cannot depend. Going to work or collecting the kids can set your nerves on edge because you're never sure when your vehicle will decide it doesn't want to play anymore. 

I remember going to pick up my daughter from her friend's birthday party, and being stuck in the street in front of their house until midnight because my roadside help couldn't work out what was wrong with the car when they eventually turned up hours after I called. 

I've started talking about cars because I was impressed with this new creative venture by a car manufacturer. Honda is sponsoring documentaries on Channel 4 (one of the UK and Ireland’s biggest TV channels), they’re also going one step further, and for their campaigns, are making mini-documentaries themselves. These will feature four different, real-life customers who’re using Honda products in unique ways.
The mini documentaries will point potential customers to the online version, where they can see the whole story. The first of these films features Philippa, a British alpaca breeder who uses a trusted Honda ATV to get around her farm to tend to the animals.

Alpaca farming in the UK, Honda's documentary

Of course, each mini documentary will be accompanied by a hype of activity on Twitter and Facebook, where viewers can take part by uploading their own photographs and videos to show how they themselves, use Honda products in unique ways. The favourite will then be chosen by Wieden+Kennedy (W+K), made into a fifth documentary and used as TV adverts, so get your cameras and video cameras fully charged, folks.

Are you using Honda vehicles in unusual ways? Get to one of the links above and upload your film. Who know's! You can soon be a star. 



Self Sagacity July 22, 2011 at 5:42 AM  

I love Hondas, I would get one when my current car needs to go. They are reliable and save so much on gas.

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