First Dates: Best Public Places For Them

First dates can be very tricky. You've been waiting for what seems like an age to find that perfect date. Now you finally have, and you realise you've got a new problem: where on earth do you go? Obviously, you don't want to invite them to your house yet, or them - you to theirs. So it needs to be somewhere public. Of course, there are the tried-and-tested options of going to a bar or perhaps a restaurant. However, not everyone drinks and even if you do, bars can get rowdy - not ideal if you want to get to know someone properly and make this one a really good first date. 


Going to a bar also just seems like a bit of a clichĂ© for a fun first date. If you really want to impress your date, think of something more unusual. No, you don't need to rush out and book a skiing holiday or a Royal Caribbean cruise. There are plenty of much more budget-friendly options for great first dates that will still have them falling for you. Here is our guide to some of the best public places to take a first date.

Fun first date idea 1: Ice-skating
It's the right time of year for this. Ice rinks are springing up steadily for the winter season, and they make quite romantic places to go on a first date. They can get very busy, which fulfils the requirement for somewhere public, although it does mean that you should probably book ahead. It might also be best to go in the evening when the rink will be mostly used by adults, and there will also be the added romance of the lit-up arena sparkling in the darkness. If neither of you are good skaters you can help each other around - a great bonding experience. If you're better than your date, then giving them some helpful tips as you skate might impress them on this extremely fun first date idea. 

Fun first date idea 2: A trip to the theme park
If you and your date are both adrenalin lovers (and do find out for sure before you go) then a visit to the theme park can be a great way to get to know each other. Experiencing heightened emotions with someone is a good way to get to know them. The fear and joy induced by a trip on a roller-coaster is a very safe way to experience emotions with someone you don't yet know well. Most theme parks have some more relaxed attractions - such as zoos - too, so when you're bored of the high-life, you can enjoy a romantic wander together.

Fun first date idea 3: A visit to the museum or gallery
If you have shared interests - and it's a good start if you do - then a trip to a gallery or museum is a great way to enjoy a date together. Sharing something you both have a passion for is one of the best ways to create a romantic connection with someone. It's important to pick something you'll both like, rather than going along with their suggestion to try and impress. If they know their subject, they'll want to talk about it. Pick somewhere big with lots of exhibits and different rooms you can take your time exploring.

Fun first date idea 4: A dance class
It doesn't matter if you can dance or not, although it's probably best not to do this one if you have wildly different abilities. Most cities these days are packed with dance schools and teachers offering classes on a drop in basis. There are lots of different styles around too, so you can have fun deciding together which type of class to take. Flamenco? Ballroom? Cuban? As with the ice-skating, it's a good way to bond as you get to help each other to do something, and even done badly, dancing can be sexy. Perhaps learning to dance together can create lasting memories if this budding relationship works out. 

Fun first date idea 5: A tourist visit
Wherever you live, there are bound to be a few tourist attractions you've always wanted to visit but never have. Your first date is the perfect opportunity to put that right. As with the museum idea, make sure you pick something that interests you both. Then retire to a cosy café or pub and talk about what you've seen. Alternatively, take a trip to a nearby town neither of you know well and spend the day exploring. It will feel like a mini-adventure and will give you some great stories to talk about on your second date.

Have you just started a love relationship? Are you in the process of learning to love again? Have you just met your dream mate online and want to impress with a fantastic first date? Whatever your needs, this list will give you that boost you need to pick the most fun first date to suit. Maybe you have some great first date ideas you'd like to share with this Relationship Blog readers. Please leave them in the comment box below. 
As always, thanks for your visit and comments, and do come again. Please share this post if you like it. 

This is a guest post by Isabella Woods.


Self Sagacity December 4, 2011 at 4:04 PM  

Those are some good ideas for first dates. I used to feel the water at the coffee shops and quick lunches. It was good to stay around people. I like the theme park idea here too.

Judy SheldonWalker December 25, 2011 at 7:07 PM  

Anne, these are good ideas but I hope to never have that challenge again. lol

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