Relationship Help With Your Baby

This is a unique page on The Relationship Blog which was specially formulated to address relationship help with your baby. These articles will give you tips and advice on how to deal with regular problems encountered by parents with small babies. They will show you how to take care of your baby, what to expect from them, and how to bond with them. 

Relationship help with your baby



Please note: all of these articles are my original creations. If you quote any part of them, regardless of how small, you're required to accompany that quote with a link to this blog.

Originally, I'd linked the series of 10 articles called, 'Baby Diaries - A Guide for New Mothers.'
The good news is that this series has now been taken down in order to form the basis of my new book. (You can see my recently published book here).Please check back for details. You can still access the following 'Baby' articles.
Thanks for your patience and support. 

The Causes Of Skin Problems In Babies

Information to help you identify major causes of the skin problems your baby may develop, and advice to assist you in solving them.

How To Prevent Nappy Rash

A comprehensive article to help you identify the causes of, and prevent nappy rash, and information to help you keep your baby’s skin healthy.

How To Take Care Of Your Baby's Scalp and Hair

Advice on how to take care of your young baby’s scalp and hair. Tips on getting rid of cradle cap, dandruff and nits. 

Birth Marks on Babies

Learn to identify birth marks on babies, what they’re called, and what they mean for your child.

Giving Birth: 6 Things They Keep Hidden

Let’s let the cat out of the bag and reveal some of the negative things you only ever find out for yourself after you get on the mid-wife’s stretcher.

How to Bond With Your Baby

Simple, effective ways you can use to bond with your baby. 

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