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Online dating has lost its taboo and is fast becoming the preferred way for most people to find love, especially older folk. Two of my very close relatives and a close friend have all found and married their soul mates online. These relationships are in no way fleeting or frivolous. The fact that people feel comfortable saying from the start that they're looking for a serious relationship is probably one of the most attractive things about online dating. The relationship blog has scoured the web to find the best online dating sites around, so you could have the love help you need. 

Face-to-face dating is great, but sometimes it can get complicated. There are increasingly more dos and don'ts in modern relationships.  Each side isn't sure about the rules and are both reluctant to say exactly what they want out of the relationship, especially if they're looking for marriage and building a life together. I have never personally used an online dating site, but based on the experience of family and my friend, I can see how it can work for you.

Relationship Help Forum: Confidence To Stay Away

This blog has been running a relationship help forum for some time, addressing women who’ve been mistreated by the men in their lives, giving them the confidence to move on from bad relationships. When a relationship has come to a natural end, it's sometimes extremely painful and difficult to go your separate ways and let it die. However, the stop-start approach brings more pain and torture than many people can bear. This is seen by Samantha’s story below. These stories have all been edited and details have been changed to protect identities.

Find more genuine relationship issues at the relationship help forum page

have you got the confidence to stay away when  the relationship has ended?
Here’s what ‘Samantha’ said

How Clean Is Your House

The Relationship Blog is keen on relationships. However, we also spend some time dealing with health and family issues here.  This winter I'll be publishing a few articles around the latter 2 subjects. Today, How Clean Is Your House will look at ways you can deep clean your home to prepare for those nasty winter bugs waiting in the cracks to let loose on us.


How clean is your house

At present your house is nice, warm and spotlessly clean. All the diy projects and draught proofing have been done as you settle in for the colder months. You keep the surfaces wiped, the corners dusted, and the floors scrubbed. Surely, there are no harmful germs lurking around in unexpected areas?

What Is Love

What is love? It's a question we attempt to answer with feelings and emotions. We think of butterflies in the stomach, about desire, lust and perhaps even the physical act of love. What many people don't attempt to describe when asked this question, is the practical side of what love is. 

Surely, if indeed love was just the feeling of butterflies and a chemical attraction, these phases of the love phenomenon would last for longer than it does.  

What love does
we feel alone and deserted
Many people feel alone and deserted without love in their lives, left alone like the unused barn above to become overgrown with bitter weeds and thorns, and overrun by a desolation which completely fills the soul - clouding over every existence of light. I'm not just talking about romantic love. We get love from friends, our kids, and our relatives. 
Anne Lyken-Garner is a published author, editor and freelance writer. Her specialities include relationships and confidence building. You can find her inspirational memoir here.
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