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The following is based on my recent research and personal findings of relieving stress and anxiety. I had collapsed after being extremely unwell for weeks, when my three kids became overcome with bacterial infections - which meant they had to stay home from school and be cared for. Added to this, we were smack bang in the middle of a complicated house move, right when my husband was having a terribly stressful time at work. 

In these difficult financial times, the last consideration on our shopping lists are luxury items like beauty products. Unlike some people in the celebrity world, we’re not inclined to go overboard when it comes to taking care of our skin. However, we do want to hold onto young, healthy-looking skin for as long as we possibly can. I’ve outlined some simple, affordable ways below on how you can do just that. 

Ready for a quick, detox lesson? Here are five accessible ways of helping your body cope with all the poisons and toxins it's exposed to every day. These are simple, easy-to-follow, and they work!

Here are some quick ways to ensure that your body is working at its best for you. Check off each section to make sure you're doing all you can to enjoy optimum health. I've included the body parts we usually tend to overlook.

In my book A Model's Guide To Losing Weight Without Dieting I set out a detailed programme showing you how you can change your mind about your eating habits. 

We pride ourselves here at the Relationship Blog on our self-improvement articles. Today's post is short and sweet, and is simply about improving the condition of dry heels.

Most of us stagger through winter with various sniffles, pains and ill health. Now that we’re well and truly halfway through the cold season, the healthy summer routine we got used to last year has fallen by the wayside. This is why I've put together a few quick ways to spruce up your well-being in the winter months, to keep the good health ticking over until we can welcome the sun into our lives again.

Having a healthy relationship with your inner-self is based largely on the ‘feelings’ you allow yourself to dwell on. Sure, as humans we invariably experience several different kinds of emotions every day. The important question is, which ones do you place most emphasis on and how do they impact on your well-being.
Below are some emotions that heal and motivate, and some that chip away at your mental and physical well-being. Which ones have you chosen to dwell on today?

I understand fully that IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) can present in different ways to different people.  I am not a medical person nor do I have a license to practice any kind of medicine.  What I do have though, is years of personal experience in dealing with and managing this often times life crippling syndrome.When I was first diagnosed with IBS (after a process of elimination when nothing else remained but this) I eagerly listened to everything the doctors and nurses told me to do, and carefully followed all their instructions by the letter.  Yet, one year later, I was still suffering with intense pain and discomfort. 
Breast Cancer Myths: Know The Facts 
These days breast cancer affects so many families that we all can say we know someone who’s been touched by it. Despite this, there are many myths circulating about the disease.  If we are to protect ourselves properly, we obviously need to be aware of the facts.  Knowing the enemy is the first step to overcoming them. Here are 10 of the most popular myths surrounding breast cancer.
Tips For Keeping Your Heart Healthy  
Here are five essential ideals that we can all easily incorporate into our lifestyles to keep our hearts healthy and strong. For the majority of us, heart disease does not happen overnight. It stems from years of careful, constant and systematic heart-abuse.
Here are some vital skin-nourishing foods that we should definitely retain in our diet if we want to keep our skin properly hydrated.

A list of some vitamins and minerals targeted especially for the different members of your family in terms of age group.
Basic First Aid: What You Should Know
A list of the basic first aid solutions to situations that often arise in every day family living
4 Ways To Keep Your Family Well This Winter 
Tips in keeping your family free from illness this winter. Winter is always the time of year I dread. As if being perpetually cold is not enough, there are also the endless winter colds and germs to vie with. Kids spend days away from school, which means parents have to take sick days off from work to look after them. After the kids get better, parents fall victim to the same bug – not an ideal situation. This winter I’m going to try the following to keep the family in tip top shape.
5 Ways To Care For Your Heart 
Never put off caring for your heart. The right time is now. Ditching the saturated fats and highly salted foods is not enough when it comes to keeping your heart healthy. Omissions are just one part of the puzzle to a better, healthier lifestyle. Below are some of the things we must do in order to create the perfect balance that’s good for your heart.
Plants That Get Rid Of Toxins In Your Home 
There are several complicated ways to remove toxins from your home. They can even sometimes be quiet expensive. Today I’m going to reveal to you some of the most excellent, natural ways to do so. Best of all, they’re cheap, and if you play your cards right, you may even get them for free from friends and family. 
Super, Quick Tips For a Younger Look
Lines and grey hair are not the only signs that show your age. Oh, no! There are a lot more subtle indicators that old age is quickly catching up with you. If you're not into broadcasting your age and want to make the best possible use of your good looks, follow some simple rules and youth could be yours for the taking right up to the day you retire (and beyond).

How To Say No
Many of us have problems saying no, especially when it comes to interacting with our loved ones. This article is not just about saying no to other people, but saying no to ourselves as well. 
We've got more than we can use - all of us. We've got handbags for different occasions, shoes of varying shades. 'Good' plates and ones our family use. Our consumption is so great that manufacturers now make jeans with so much material, you're supposed to wear them to cover the 'exquisite' shoes you must have. When I was growing up I had one pair of shoes which I stuffed with newspaper because they were several sizes too big (they were my mother's old cast-offs). Nowadays I have more than I really need even though I'm not a shoe collector or hoarder. Where does it all end? How much more can we say yes to? When is enough, enough?

Does Your Job Make You Ill
Take the test to find out why you no longer enjoy the job you once loved and how you can change this for the better.

How To Avoid Snacking; The Work-From-Home-Mum's Guide
Whether you're at home for an extended period, work from home, or there on a temporary basis, it's a difficult time for eating right and up-keeping all the healthy eating practices to which you were once accustomed. Here are some fantastic ways to help. 

5 Best Ways to Get A Good Night's Sleep
The definitive countdown of the best known ways in getting a good night's sleep. You'll never wake up with eye bags again. 

Top Up Your Happiness: Things to do Today
A list of things you can do today to improve the way you feel and top up your happiness.

Understanding The Green Label's On Our Foods
These days there are so many different kinds of labels on our foods that it’s really difficult to remember or understand what they all mean. Most of us strive to leave smaller carbon footprints on the earth than we’ve previously done, but how do we know that we’re taking the right steps where our foods are concerned.

How To Beat January Post-Sales Blues
Advice on how to avoid stress and depression in the cold month of January after the excitement of the holidays has died down.

How To Stay Safe
Tips in staying safe in your car, your home, your neighbourhood and with your money.

Your Guide To Creating the Perfect Eyebrows
Give yourself a free face-lift, in the time it takes to cook the roast.
For those of us who can’t or won’t have a surgical face lift, this is the next best thing. In the following article I will suggest tried and tested ways to take years off your face. I’ve discovered that these ways work instantly with lasting impact.


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A great selection of health articles, Anne..All the articles about skin are my fav..

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Thanks for the visit, Icy. Hope you're well.

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