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Fun Guy Or Fungi?
Is your guy changing? Is he turning into someone you thought he would never be? What do you do to turn your mushroom back into your attractive groom?

Single? Work it to Your Advantage
There are all kinds of research these days, some proving that married people are happier and more content; and on the other hand, others insisting that single people live longer and have more fulfilling lives. Meanwhile, in our real world, these results do not address the seemingly opposing views displayed in the reports of rising divorce rates, or the constant drive for unmarried people to find that ‘special someone’.

Why He's No Good For You
You know the kind of guy, right. You kind of like him, but you’re unsure whether he sees you as just a friend or is secretly hoping to get love-busy with you. You’re sort of at the point in life where you’ll settle for less than you would have ten years ago. But is he your compromise-prize guy, are his love quotes setting you up for a fall, or do those neon warning signs buzzing at the back of your brain know something you’re not letting yourself see.
Cupid: The Secrets He's Hidden From You
Why Cupid is unable to find you or anyone else love this Valentine’s Day.

The Do's and Don't When Looking For Your Serious Relationship
Sometimes the older we grow, the harder it gets to meet the right person. So much time is spent these days on online dating that people have almost forgotten how to be honest about themselves when they come face to face on a date with an actual person. Here are some tips to get you back in the game
How To Find A Lasting, Happy Relationship With The Man Of Your Dreams
Help for thirty-plus women who have had a hard time dating.
You may even be thinking of giving up trying because it seems that the right man you’re looking for has not yet been made. Sometimes it seems like every man you meet is a potential date and future partner, but then something, or everything goes wrong and you find with each disappointment, that your heart becomes increasingly more desperate to find that someone. Not anymore!
(As an added bonus, there is also a list of various, useful online dating services at the end of this article).

Why Girls Keep Dumping You
Girls keep dumping you, but you know you’re a decent guy. Your love quotes are to die for. You’re not aggressive, rude or mean, and all-round, you’re not that bad looking either. Besides, you take hours waxing every strand of hair into place and if given a chance, can charm the fur off a sloth’s backside. So what’s up with the Venus dwellers, you ask. But could the problem be a bit closer to Mars?

7 Signs Your Guy Is A Cheat
Women are guilty of having affairs too, but in most cases, it’s the man who gets love-busy with a second or third partner. Learn to read the signs and decide if your guy is one of them. Your intuition would’ve already perked up its sharp antennas, so these signs are just here to clarify what you already know in your heart.

How To Get Your Man To Behave This Christmas
It’s about time we help them to stop the annual mess-ups.
Men don’t necessarily want to be restless at Christmas, they just are. There is so much to do, at such a tight schedule, involving so many different things, with several multi-tasking activities that men cannot help but tune right out!

How To Keep Stealing Your Husband's Heart
Indispensable relationship tips on how to make him choose only you.
As the heading suggests, these are tips I have learned from years of marriage about how to make your husband choose you every time.
How To Have A Green, Affordable Wedding; The Definitive Guide
This is the guide to read if you want a classy yet affordable green wedding. From locations, to the cake and the dress, find out all you need to know for your big day.

10 Sure Ways To Get Over Him
Can’t seem to get over a terrible break-up? Follow these sure ways of finally putting it behind you for good. There's a relationship help forum at the end of this article.

Why You Should Say No To That Marriage Proposal
If maintaining a boyfriend-girlfriend relationship seems like hard work, living with him as a husband when he no longer feels like he has to impress you will be almost impossible. No one has to get hitched, but if marriage is on your agenda and you are caught in a relationship with a man whose proposal you can’t trust, it might be time to consider the less painful of two possibilities, marry him and hope for the best, or move on to look for the man who is still out there waiting for you to find him.

Men And Christmas Don't Mix
They can’t even get the wrapping right.
My husband once told me that he thought it was pointless wrapping something up for the sole purpose of opening it up again. This makes perfect sense to me. If this is typical of what other men think, then it’s little wonder men get sick of wrapping presents year after year. This dislike is probably the reason behind them not being able to do it quite right.
Best Moving-On Songs After a Relationship Break-Up
At this time of year everyone's preparing to celebrate Valentine's Day. Everywhere you look, your senses are assaulted by stuffed toys and heart-shaped chocolate. If you've just endured a break-up this is the last thing you want to see. This is why I've prepared something special just for you. No cheesy love quotes in sight.
Why Women Cheat
The Internet is drowning in news about the infidelity of football players, Ashley Cole and John Terry, and golf star, Tiger Woods. Almost everyone you talk to has got an opinion of why these men put their happy families in jeopardy and went out carelessly looking for quick flings. Of course, what they've done is painful and disrespectful to everyone involved, but they couldn't have done it without more than a little help from the fairer sex.
Sometimes the older we grow the harder it gets to meet the right person. I think this may be because our ‘ideal partner’ list has had time to get longer and more unrealistic. So much time is spent these days on online dating that people have almost forgotten how to be honest about themselves when they come face to face on a date with an actual person. Here are some tips and fabulous love quotes to get you back in the game.

Falling in love for most people is either the most miserable or glorious time in their lives. Many people can't eat nor sleep when infected with this phenomenon. Constant butterflies in the stomach when they think of their object of affection send them virtually insane; unable to think straight, blinded by the effects of being in love.

Married life can become a mere humdrum after a while, as we allow ourselves to grow used to our established routines. In the first few years of being with each other, we’re able to spontaneously have fun together, but with the arrival of a mortgage, babies, school runs and guitar tuition fees, we can’t help but merely live alongside each other and allow past, pleasant memories to provide us the enrichment we need in our ongoing relationship.

Marriage and Healthy Arguments
Some people tend to shy away from arguments in their marriage. They claim to be the peace-keeper and this means keeping quiet about things that really annoy them. This of course, is setting off a time bomb which is potentially counting down to the end of the relationship. No one wants to, or should be abused and shouted at, but sensible adults understand that we cannot be right all the time. Arguments therefore, can be one of the many positive elements a marriage needs to develop into a secure and lasting union.
Best Relationship Help For Women In Their 30s
This article provides help for thirty-plus women who have had a hard time playing the dating game. It's not aimed at people looking for a fling, but at women who're ready to find someone to marry and spend the rest of their lives with.

Falling In And Out Of Love
You spend ages wanting to fall in love. You look at happy couples when you're single and yearn to experience the closeness and happiness they do in their relationship. You walk with your head bent and fascinate about all the sweetness life would bring you when you finally fall in love and have a relationship of your own. Then it happens! What's next?

Love Calculator
This is to make sure that the love meter hovers exactly over the middle of half and half (or 50% each). But is this the way relationships are meant to be? 

Learning To Love Again
It's not as easy as some think it is. But there is help at hand.

3 Bad Things That Make Good Relationships
You wouldn't think that some bad things can actually work positively to make relationships better. 
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