Successful Online Dating

Online dating is becoming more popular, not only is the number of dating websites available increasing at an alarming rate, but so is the range available.  There are specialised dating sites specifically designed for particular groups who may face difficulties in the dating world, and results from recent studies show that more successful and long-term relationships are formed online than anywhere else.

Why is online dating so popular?

Most people join an online dating site, such as, to find love, and in their quest for finding love they meet a lot of new people and make some valuable friendships. Though they may not yet have achieved their ultimate goal of finding love, they at least feel less lonely, with new friends that understand the hardship of single life.

It is an enjoyable and easy way to meet single people who are local and looking for love. The more single people you can meet, the higher the chances are of meeting someone and falling in love.  Furthermore, there are lots of fun functions, such as online chat rooms and forums that allow users to communicate instantly.

Users of online dating websites have expressed that they find it easier to be themselves online, they don’t feel the need to put on an act.  This leads to more solid and honest relationships being formed online.  Furthermore, because users communicate so often online they already feel like they know each other, so the first date is usually less stressful.

Online dating on the go is the new thing.  Most of the popular dating sites have designed and released mobile phone apps which allow users to keep up to date with their messages, and chat on the go., for example, has a free downloadable app for all types of devices, which gives users access to their messages, chat rooms and even allows them to browse the database of singles.

More people are signing up to online dating and this in itself makes online dating more appealing, as this means there is a larger database of single people  to choose from.
Most popular dating websites have a free function that allows you to use the online dating website, or at least part of this website, for a specific period of time. This gives you the chance to browse the database of single people, and see the functions the dating website has to offer.

Online dating sites produce more successful and long lasting relationships, as they are formed in a more real and honest way.  Read this first-person post to find out about a real online dating experience

Specialised online dating websites, such as and are aimed at specific individuals who, due to their circumstances find it difficult to date.  These websites offer those individuals a platform to share this experience with other singles with similar problems, and meet someone who understands.  These types of websites also offer a great deal of support and advice to their users, on how to make dating easier and deal with problems.

How to have your successful online dating experience

Unfortunately, online dating isn’t as simple as uploading a photo and waiting for the messages to come rolling in.  Online dating websites have thousands of users. In order for you to get noticed among the other singles looking for love, there are some things you should do:

  • Consider which online dating website is the best choice for you.  There are sites dedicated to uniform dating, senior dating, professional dating and many more, which may be more suited to your needs.  Trial the online dating site before you subscribe, most sites have a free option, even if it is for a specific period of time, this lets you check out the single people and the functions of the dating website.
  • Spend some time on your profile:  Don’t just fill out the required fields, choose a random photo and start using the website straight away, instead invest some time into making your profile stand out, while still making it true to you.  
  • Your profile is what represents you, it tells other users everything they need to know about you and makes the decision as to whether or not they choose to contact you.  So think about the answers you give to questions, be honest and share information, but don’t overshare, leave the reader of your profile wanting to know more about you.  
  • When you choose your profile picture, make sure it is representative of what you look like now, try to choose a picture where you are the focal point, and preferably smiling as single people are more attracted to individuals that smile.
  • Utilise the functions, don’t just wait for messages to come to you, browse the single’s database and message people that you like.  Alternatively look at the forums or chat straight away in the chat rooms available.  
  • Download any mobile phone app’s that the online dating website might have, so that you can keep on top of your messages and chat to you potential dates whenever you’re free.
  • Familiarise yourself with the safety tips and advice as supplied by the online dating website, most reputable companies will have a page dedicated to online dating safety.  Make sure that you don’t give away too much personal information, that you always remain safe when speaking to people online, and if you are ever concerned, you should contact the dating website to report your concerns.

To read more about what to include on your profile and about acceptable behaviour when dating online, read this informative article. Alternatively, most reputable dating sites will have information about this on their website. Read some of’s help pages for more advice.
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Unknown February 17, 2014 at 2:53 AM  

My baby boy met his wife on Facebook. They both have so much in common that it is amazing. I know others who have tried to online date and totally screwed it up - because someone had created a facade.

Connor Harley February 23, 2014 at 12:54 PM  

I am not really too keen in trying to find a date online. I am just not interested in it. Though, I do have a lot of friends who have met their special someone online.

Daksh Kadian January 10, 2015 at 3:48 PM  

Well Written article... I will be visiting again to read more... Sharing this with my friends

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