Enjoyable, Free Things to do With Kids in Winter

Enjoyable, free things to do with kids in winter will show you how you can spend quality time with your kids without spending any money at all. Of course, it will take some time, but it will be time very well spent, and they'll remember it for years to come. 
Birds washing themselves in the bird washer, hot chocolate steaming from oversized mugs, the crackling sound of the logs in the fireplace, and cosy quilts thrown on the sofa in front of the TV, are all signs that winter is on our heels.

There's nothing we could do but wait it out and hope for a few light, bright, sun-lit days. So why not determine to enjoy it the best way we know how. Throw on the knitted sweater and soft, fluffy scarves and get stuck in with both woolly-socked clad feet.

What Does ‘Blogger’ NavBar Do?

If your blog is hosted by Blogger (your URL ends in blogspot.com or {domain name}.com you should have a NavBar.

What’s a NavBar?

It’s the very useful panel on the very top of your blog which helps you navigate not only around your own blog, but around all the other blogs on Blogger. One of the things this bar will show you is your own e-mail address, but when others are visiting your page, if they’re logged in, they’ll see their own and not yours.

On one hand (the right one, to be exact) you can use your Blogger NavBar as a shortcut to make a new post, to customise your blog, or to sign out if you wish to do so.

On the other hand, your NavBar enables you to follow any blog you’re currently viewing. You can also easily share the page on Twitter, Face Book and Google Reader. The good news, and the reason behind this entire post is that there is now a new NavBar update, according to Blogger Buzz.

There has always been a feature on the NavBar called ‘Next Blog.’ Clicking on this element used to allow you to surf random blogs in various different languages. Now Blogger’s new and very useful update means that ‘Next Blog’ enables you to view blogs with similar content and in the language you understand.
For example if you’ve just come from a blog about writing and publishing tips, clicking ‘Next Blog’ on your Blogger NavBar will take you other blogs of similar topics, in the same language you’ve just viewed. Nice, right?

So if you’re one of those (me included) bloggers who don’t really use your NavBar or know what it’s for, get engaged to this new feature. You’ll be happy you did.

Thanks Blogger. This is a feature this blogger will use to the fullest!

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Projects To Lift Your Cold, Winter Spirit

Do you sometimes need your spirit lifted? During this grey, cold, dark time of year many people with no history of depression suffer occasional bouts of the ‘blues.’

If this is you, I may have some projects that will help. They are for you to do, without being about you (you’ll see what I mean).

In the summer, even when it’s raining and cold (which it mostly is in England) the blue skies give me the impression of a broad, open space, with the freedom to extend my arms wide. The winter brings low, grey clouds which compress that space, and imprison me in a smaller and tighter world. I need constant lifts to my spirit to give my freedom wings to explore and soar.

Winter is certainly not the only time I aim to live a good life. However, it’s the time I feel I have to do more inner work to keep my happiness and contentment topped up. This is where my projects (here) come in. If you’re not a Christian (or any kind of believer), they are also designed for you. Try them for a lift during these grey, winter months.

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How to Get Your Man To Behave This Christmas

Do you have a hard time getting your guy to participate fully in the Christmas preparations? Many of my girlfriends complain about their husbands not knowing what to do, not helping out, or simply not getting the right presents when it comes to Christmas shopping.
This is exactly why I’ve written this article, 'How To Get Your Man To Behave This Christmas.' It covers the touchy situations of how to get the present you want from him, getting him to help around the house with the general preparations, visiting friends and family, getting the Christmas cards sent, and the big one: cooking on Christmas day.

This article will provide you with some tricks and tips, but will also help you to work out some of your own solutions by giving you just the right spark you need.

If, like my husband, the man in your life goes nuts on Christmas Eve trying to pack what should be weeks' worth of carefully planned shopping into one afternoon, this article was written about him.

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Relationship With Your Inner Domestic Goddess

At the Relationship Supermarket, we also care about the domestic aspects of our lives and the good stuff that help make living easier. Because of career training and work experience, I feel more comfortable and qualified to write about relationship help and life-coaching type articles. Nevertheless, some of my most successful articles published are not those which discuss tools for an easier life, but equipment for making living easier in the home.

These first five (below) were very good earners for me on the Internet. I think that the popularity of the series is not owed to just the title, but the fact that they describe hilarious scenarios. They outline cheap, useful and unknown uses for various household items, but as a change from the norm where advice and tips are generally painstakingly listed, this amusing but handy series show someone walking around the home with a jar of Vaseline, salt, a bottle of baby oil, a bottle of Vodka, or a pack of toothpicks, taking care of the many tasks around the house that particular item could be used for - all in one go. The domestic goddess’s appetite for easy living was obviously whetted and satiated with these pieces.

Help for the domestic goddess who strives to be even better

Uses of Vaseline Around The House 
A list of useful things anyone could do in one afternoon with a simple jar of Vaseline around the home.

Uses of Salt In Housekeeping
Useful things just about anyone could do with a jar of salt, in just one afternoon. You don’t even need a pair of gloves.

Uses of Baby Oil In Housekeeping
A helpful list of things you can do, if you suddenly find yourself left holding a bottle of Baby Oil with no one to smear it on.

If Olive oil is made from olives, coconut oil – from coconuts, crude oil – from crude (you’ve got to know I’m kidding right?), and corn oil is made from corn, what is Baby Oil made from?

 Top 10 (Legal) Things to do if You Find Yourself Holding a Pack of Toothpicks
Allowable things to do if you’re holding a pack of toothpicks. You would be surprised at how useful they are.
You’re not quite sure how you got here, all you can vaguely remember is that you’ve been extremely busy and your activities involved some salt , a bottle of Baby Oil and a jar of Vaseline . However, you’re suddenly now aware that you’re standing in the kitchen, wearing latex gloves and holding a pack of wooden toothpicks. How do you make yourself useful while you try to figure out what went on before you arrived in the kitchen?

How To Clean Your House With Vodka
A very useful list of things to do if you’re suddenly holding a bottle of Vodka and have an afternoon to spare.

On a lesser note, I published How To Clean Pet Faeces, Yucky Spills and Other MuckyThings. This has always performed well, but the views came in constant dribbles rather than a mighty force of a Caribbean wave. I suppose this shows that domestic goddesses surfing the Internet are looking for more concise pieces rather than just general household-tips ones.

It was then I realised that Duct Tape For DIY had to be written.
I’ve always had a good selection of duct tape at home because I think out of everything else, this item has been most useful to me through the years.

Host Your Party Like A Celebrity On The Cheap
We’re well and truly bound for the holiday season. Many people host their own parties and little get-togethers for their friends and family around this time of year. This year may be harder than most, because not many people have a large amount of disposable cash. Here are some quick tips and tricks to help you host a fabulous party while spending less than you did last year.

How Clean Is Your House
look at ways you can deep clean your home to prepare for those nasty winter bugs waiting in the cracks to let loose on us.

Are You A Smart Housekeeper
It’s officially springtime; time to get not just your dirty laundry out into open air, but all those non-laundry items you’ve been waiting all year to spring clean. I’ve put together some fabulous tips to set you on your way. So go boldly and get that Spring cleaning/clear away done!


A large part of what we deal with here at the Relationship Supermarket.com is about keeping that sound relationship with have with our inner selves intact. More and more it seems the temporary balance we grab onto by the tips of our fingers, is teetering in the opposite direction from where we stand ready to unfold.

Is it our modern lifestyle which unhinges the mind at weird angles? As a young girl growing up, I was not aware that quite so many phobias existed. Then again, I lived in a poor country where worrying about paying the rent and having enough to feed your family were highest on people’s lists of fears.

Is the lack of life’s worries the very thing that has induced these abundant fears? Or have phobias always been present but misdiagnosed?

I’ve just heard of Automysophobia. It’s the fear of being dirty. All the usual signs of increased heart-rate, panic attacks, dry mouths, excessive sweating, and the feeling of losing control, accompany what is a genuine terror of getting dirty. The most worrying symptom is that people who suffer with authomysophobia tend to take extreme measures to stay clean. Walking in the path of oncoming traffic to avoid stepping on a muddy patch on the ground is not uncommon behaviour for this type of illness. Washing with bleach if one feels that they’ve become dirty is also not unheard of.

Automysophobia isn’t just the dislike of dirt on one’s skin, or being careful not to appear dirty to one’s peers. It’s totally irrational, like most phobias, and digs itself into the psyche a whole lot deeper than simply being ‘careful.’ The good news is that it can be managed with behaviour therapy and treatment.

Be on the look-out for this developing in your children. With the onset of swine flu, people are understandably taking precautions to be extra clean. Talk to your children reasonably and don’t forbid them to get dirt on themselves. Dirt is part of growing up, and it shows that our children had some fun outdoors. This, in an age of obesity in kids, can only be a good thing. No one has found any relationship between ‘too tidy’ parents and the onset of automysophobia in kids, but don’t take any chances. Phobias make for a very miserable lifestyle for anyone, let alone young people blossoming into our very difficult world.

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Anne Lyken-Garner is a published author, editor and freelance writer. Her specialities include relationships and confidence building. You can find her inspirational memoir here.
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