3 Bad Things That Make Good Relationships

There are several essential things for good relationships. This relationship blog has a vast amount of articles dealing with love, marriage and even family relationships. However, today we'll talk about 3 things given a bad press, which can actually be good for relationships. We'll see that not all so-called negative things are necessarily bad for your relationship.


Spending time apart creates good relationships
It's your differences (as much as your similarities) that keep you attracted to each other in your marriage. Your spouse may be your best friend, but they rarely - if at all - fulfil your frivolous, girlie, chatty, sporty etc, side like your same-gender friends do. I talk with my sister and my friends about things I'd never think of saying to my husband. We love each other, but he's not a girl - nor am I a boy. He can run around on the football pitch grunting, shoving, elbowing and shouting at his team mates. He loves this, but I can't fulfil this side of him. I'm not even prepared to try. Yeah, I don't like sweating very much.

Relationship Help Forum: September

This blog has been running a relationship help forum, assisting women who're desperately sad about the way the men in their lives have treated them. Here's September's story (edited to protect identities). In this instance, the relationship seems to have ended for no 'serious reason'. I'm sure many of you have been in this position before. I know I have.
the relationship breakdown left her feeling isolated from everyone

Relationship has left a hole in your life
Here's what 'Rita' said:

I did like your advice! I just feel that I have nothing to look forward to anymore. I lost the one thing
that I really looked forward to. My friends aren’t cutting it. I love them to death and they are my support system, but it just does not feel like enough right now. I’m being sociable and I’m moving on with my life, I just don’t know anymore what will make me happy. I used to go to the gym every day before I met my now ex. I’m scared to even go do that because that is where I met him at. I do remember that going to the gym did make me happy but now I am in a maze debating which way to go next. This was my first serious relationship and it has been my decision to stay single up until this one. I loved being single I do remember that, but when this guy came into my life I knew I could not let him pass me by. I wish I had stuck to my initial mindset of staying single until college was over. 
Luckily he does not attend that gym anymore.

Envy And Friendships

It was my recent French holiday which gave me a poignant, real-life example of what envy can do to people and their friendships

My family and I had to pass a large field with a huge manor house every time we walked up the hill, back to my in-laws' converted barn in which we stayed.  For days, I took a passing glance - through the trees - at the field below and remarked on how green their grass was, compared to the dry, dying, brown grass in the field nearer to us. Their grass was remarkably more lush and prosperous than the one in my in-law's property. 

the green field surrounding the manor house in a distance

Anne Lyken-Garner is a published author, editor and freelance writer. Her specialities include relationships and confidence building. You can find her inspirational memoir here.
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