How To Say No

Many of us have problems saying no, especially when it comes to interacting with our loved ones. This article is not just about saying no to other people, but saying no to ourselves as well. 

We've got more than we can use - all of us. We've got handbags for different occasions, shoes of varying shades. 'Good' plates and ones our family use. Our consumption is so great that manufacturers now make jeans with so much material, you're supposed to wear them to cover the 'exquisite' shoes you must have. When I was growing up I had one pair of shoes which I stuffed with newspaper because they were several sizes too big (they were my mother's old cast-offs). Nowadays I have more than I really need, even though I'm not a shoe collector or hoarder. Where does it all end? How much more can we say yes to? When is enough, enough?

How to say no


Relationship Help Forum: Love's Sudden Death

This is another addition to our relationship help forum true stories. All personal and identifiable details have been edited. You can find some more true stories on the Relationship Help Forum page. 

This time we feature *Bella (not her real name) and follow her story of how her true love came to a sudden end. Here's her (edited) letter.
Help, Anne!
I met a guy, Dave, in college. Before we met, I didn’t believe in love at first sight. But as soon as I saw him, I knew he was something special. No, it wasn’t a physical attraction, as he is not my ideal type, but it was something else. We started dating immediately and it wasn’t long before he said 'I Love You', and I was happy to repeat those words back. We had several happy months together and talked about getting married.  

45 Ways To Avoid A Dating Disaster

Here's an informative and hilarious infographic to avoid  dating disasters this Valentine's day. 

45 Ways to Avoid a Dating Disaster – An infographic by the team at Charles Clinkard

Facebook: Breaking Relationship Boundaries

Is Facebook breaking relationship boundariesSince the birth of social media, relationships have become defined by the way in which those in a relationship conduct themselves online. No site has created more of an impact than Facebook. While couples have the option of officiating their relationship with a Facebook declaration, they can also fall victim to the perils that come with snooping. Thanks to several Facebook features that allow users to chronologically categorise their relationship and snoop on their significant other, the social networking site has begun to break several relationship boundaries. 
Anne Lyken-Garner is a published author, editor and freelance writer. Her specialities include relationships and confidence building. You can find her inspirational memoir here.
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