How To Keep The Fire Burning After Years Of Marriage

Marriage is a long road that definitely has its ups and downs. A common issue in most marriages after many years is a loss of a "spark". However, there are still many ways to keep your marriage alive and strong for as long as you and your partner are together: Read on for some great insight that's always worked for me.

Date Night
Making time for one another in a relationship, especially a marriage, is incredibly important. Everyday life is busy, as everyone knows. It can be difficult to make time for anything really, even when they're things you want to do. The same is true when trying to make time for your partner. A good way to make time for one another is to plan an ongoing weekly date night. This can be anything that they two of you enjoy doing together. It can be the typical dinner and a movie date, or it can be as simple as laying in bed and watching episodes of your favorite TV show. Whatever it is that you and your partner decide to do, the important thing is that you do it together. Spending this time is a great way to rekindle your love life

Relationship Help Forum: Crush On A Married Man

This month our real relationship crises advice comes to a woman who has a crush on a married man. She knows it's wrong, but can't seem to get herself out of the rut. Remember that these relationship help forum stories come from a forum I ran elsewhere and are real crises being faced by real women. 

Of course, all identifiable details have been changed so all secrets can remain that way. Today we talk to *Dawn (not her real name) and help her see - by turning the tables - the error of her ways. Please see the other related stories on our dedicated Relationship Help Forum page.


Hi Anne,
I got quite a bit of a problem….
I think I am hooked on a friend, a married friend, who works with me. I like to call him and joke with him. But I think it’s getting to be a habit and I know that it's because I need to get his attention.

Know This Before You Propose

So You’re Thinking of Popping the Question…

So you think you're ready to propose to the woman of your dreams? Have you thought it through? Diamond Manufacturers, the engagement ring specialists, have put this handy Pre-Proposal guide together so you’ll know for sure if you’re ready for the lifetime commitment.

How well do you know her
Marriage is supposed to be a lifelong commitment to your partner, so it’s something you should not be rushing into. You need to make sure you know everything important about your possible wife-to-be before you get down on one knee.
What are her political and religious views? Is her credit history going to stop you from buying a house together? What are her ambitions? These are just a few of the really important parts of your partner’s personality you need to know about before you consider marriage.

Creating Better Boundaries

A guest post by Ken Myers
I have to admit, I was older when I really started taking relationships seriously. I never really gave it much thought as a young person. I figured things just happened, right? You met a person, you dated a while, fell in love and everything worked out. However as the years passed I realized that the real world does not work that way. Only Hollywood and romantic novels work out that perfectly. Instead I found myself going from relationship to relationship and wondering why I could never seem to find my special someone.

After much frustration I gave up. I just stopped dating for a few years. I figured that if I was going to be lonely and miserable I might as well be that way by myself, not compounded with someone else’s misery. This time alone helped me to clarify a few things in my life. 
Anne Lyken-Garner is a published author, editor and freelance writer. Her specialities include relationships and confidence building. You can find her inspirational memoir here.
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