Do What It Takes To Grab Your Chance At Love

Sleepless in Seattle
For some reason, I’d managed to dodge watching Sleepless In Seattle until last night. This amazing movie has been around for 16 years but my life’s turns and choices have played sliding doors with it until now.

I stood astounded at how similar to my own love story the plot was. It turned my thoughts to true love and the selections we make in our lives that eventually lead us to our soul mates.

Like Sam and Annie in the movie, my husband and I travelled very long distances to be together. We almost didn’t run into each other (literally), and even after we’d met, it looked like there were far too many things in the way of us staying together. Bizarrely, we both felt that we’d found that one person in the world who we were destined to spend our lives with. And as Annie said, it was magic! There was an invisible string connecting us from the two ends of the earth from the day we were born, which started to slowly wind itself up. By the time it was time to meet, the string had wound itself so tightly together, that bumping into each other inevitable.

I immensely enjoyed my first viewing of this movie. The single negative thing about it was that the entire costume department should be lined up and given a sentence of eating and digesting a portion of their poisonous choice of clothing, every day for the rest of their lives. I’ve never before seen a film with such ghastly apparel draped around the characters. Frankly, I still can’t believe every last person, down the minor characters and supporting artists agreed to dress their bodies with what barely passed for clothing, but this is another story.

I keep asking myself even now, what happens to people who’ve lost that person they loved the best, and is there just one person in the world for us? A few people? What happens if we let that one person or persons slip through our fingers? Do we spend the rest of our lives missing the happiness we could’ve had, had we grasped that opportunity?

If you’re playing games at love and allowing your true chance at a fulfilled relationship to pass you by, 10 years from now when you’re sitting all alone you’ll still be wondering what if. Take your plunge. Change the job, leave the country, and grab your chance at love. If this is it, your Annie or your Sam could never pass your way again.

Let Love Rule

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Please remember when the turkey is burnt or when the gift is not what you wanted, that Christmas is not about food or presents.

Christmas is sharing you with others and enjoying their love in return. Do the right thing. Love the people around you. There's no guarantee you'll have them next year - or they, you.

A merry Christmas to you. Have a blessed, healthy and prosperous 2010.

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Men And Christmas Don’t Mix

They can’t get the wrapping right
My husband once told me that he thought it was pointless wrapping something up for the sole purpose of opening it up again. This makes perfect sense to me. If this is typical of what other men think, then it’s little wonder men get sick of wrapping presents year after year. This dislike is probably the reason behind them not being able to do it quite right. Men’s perception of abstract beauty (for example a bow tied perfectly on a Christmas present) is quite different from that of their women counterparts. We pay attention to the wrapping paper. They want to know what’s inside it!

They can’t find scotch tape or scissors
Have you ever noticed how men conduct searches? Look left, look right. That’s it. The tape and scissors may very well be right under their noses, but lifting the wrapping paper to look under it is not even considered in manosphere; nor is looking up or down a bit. This kind of behaviour is conducive to losing wrapping tools they put down just seconds ago. I blame tunnel vision.

Writing cards, getting the kids to bed and making a Christmas shopping list
Multitasking? You’re joking right?

Last-minute shopping
The problem is that men don’t know where to start looking, or what to look for when it comes to shopping for their family’s presents. Consequently, it’s a very stressful time for them. No wonder putting off Christmas shopping until the very last minute always seems to be a workable option.

Short of asking each person pointedly what they want, it’s quite difficult to figure out what your partner would like for Christmas. You know that they need a new ironing board and it’s practical that this should be what they receive. This is true. However, imagining a book, fashion, scent a woman might be pleased with, is admittedly a gigantic task to overcome. In my other article, How To Get Your Man To Behave This Christmas 
I outline ways in which you (the woman) can help with this particular phenomenon.

Help for the man who wants to help maintain his family relationships this Christmas

Men: if you're finding it stressful at Christmas, collect a few catalogues and bring them home. Ask your family to go through them and make a list of 10 things they would like to have. Choose a few items from each person's list so that the element of surprise is still maintained. You know exactly where to go to uplift these items. Nothing could be easier!

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Twelve Days of Christmas: Twelve Ways to Go Green

Tips to help you go green this Christmas
1. Use bags instead of wrapping paper and put as many presents as you can in one bag.

2. If you must use wrapping paper, use those which can be recycled by your local council.

3. Buy an artificial Christmas tree. There are lots of realistic, affordable ones on the market. Do not contribute to tearing at our earth's lungs.

4. Try cutting down on electricity wastage by using natural candles instead of hundreds of lights.

5. If you must have all your Christmas lights, determine to turn them on a little later in the year, and turn them off after a pre-determined time every night.

6. Get your kids to help in recycling the packaging that comes with Christmas presents. Separate the cardboard from the plastic and recycle responsibly.

7. For a greener Christmas, cut down on presents and buy a food hamper for a poor family nearby with the money you save. This is a vital lesson to teach your children. Get them involved in this too.

8. Take your own bags when you go shopping.

9. Go for a walk instead of a drive.

10. Cook less so you have less food wastage on Christmas day. Save your leftovers for a curry the following day.

11. Send e-cards. They make for a greener Christmas.

12. If you work in an office, generate an e-card or just one bulletin and get everyone to contribute their own personal message. Send this as a memo to the entire office.
Anne Lyken-Garner is a published author, editor and freelance writer. Her specialities include relationships and confidence building. You can find her inspirational memoir here.
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