If A Man Ruled The World

A humorous look at what a man might do if he had power over how the world was run. 

Women would all be supermodels, yet they would miraculously find the time to fly home every evening, make him a feast for dinner, put the washing in, and clean the house.

Women would be born with a bottle opener and a beer-size chill bag.

Belching and passing wind would be televised competitive sports.

You could break up with your girlfriend by text messaging.

Chatting up and good conversation would mean clicking a finger and saying “GeedeUp!”.

Wining and dining would become wining and, “Got any change for the pizza boy’s tip, baby?”

Sweat would be bottled as perfume. 

Women would come equipped with directions and maps to everywhere so they’d shut up about stopping and asking for directions already.

Relationship Forum: Dating His Ex

As readers and subscribers of the Relationship Blog know, the relationship help forum is a regular feature here. I put forward a real-life relationship problem faced by a woman who's written to me. I remove all identifiable details, edit the request, and repost it here along with my answer to her. 
Most of the relationship crises I've featured so far are slightly longer and more detailed than today's post. Nevertheless, today's relationship problem is one faced by so many women out there, I wanted to share it with you. *Judy (not her real name) below was fine with the relationship break-down. She was going through the process of recovery until she found out there was a possibility her ex boyfriend may go back to his ex. This is her story below.

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Relationship help forum: dating his ex


Anne Lyken-Garner is a published author, editor and freelance writer. Her specialities include relationships and confidence building. You can find her inspirational memoir here.
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