Top, Meaningful Presents For Boys

Little (and not so big boys) are extremely difficult to shop for, so Top, Meaningful Presents for Boys gives you a list of cheap, affordable, and expensive presents that will put a permanent smile on your little man’s face.
If you want to go beyond the usual useful-but-boring stuff, this list of presents is just the thing you need. Take inspiration to give him more than just a gift. Share with him instead a memorable experience which he’ll have (in some cases) for many years to come. See why these mean so much!

Top, meaningful presents for boys

A Digital Camera is an insightful present for a boy
meaningful_presents_for_boys...Complete with a photo album for when he eventually prints his best shots. This is a lot better than a conventional camera because he has the option of deleting the unfocused or less-than-perfect images he will invariably take while learning to operate a camera. He’ll certainly be able to develop the craft quite quickly as he can immediately see what works and what doesn’t in the world of photography. This is a present that he won’t put down or get tired of in the near future. It’s worth 3 or 4 smaller presents put together. If a digital camera is out of the question, I find that even a normal one will bring him a lot of pleasure as he hunts for things to photograph. You may have an artist in the making. Nurture his inherent skill, and potentially discover his career or at least an enjoyable hobby. This is one of the most meaningful presents a boy could have. This could be the start of a wonderful and fulfilling career. 

A trendy alarm clock is a useful gift for a boy


...Not just any old alarm clock, but a novel one that will take his fancy, maybe with a picture of his hero or his favourite sports personality. Present your boy with a clock that says you’re ready to hand a measure of responsibility of his own time management over to him. It will fill him with pride and cultivate a good habit of setting his alarm every night before he goes to sleep. This present is not only about a tangible gift for a boy. It’s a tried and tested way of putting children on the road to taking on some responsibility for themselves.meaningful_presents_for_boys

A musical instrument is a nurturing present for a boy

He doesn’t have to know how to play it yet. This present is to encourage him to develop a talent. Who knows, in 20 years’ time he may be saying on TV, “My granddad gave me my first guitar.” You could also pay for a term’s worth of guitar tuition. Or buy a book from which he can teach himself to play. In the future this talent will add a new facet of enrichment to his personality. It’s a talent which will give him confidence in himself, thus enabling him to further advance as a young person.A musical instrument (no matter how unusual) is a perfect gift to give to a shy boy to give him that something special just for himself. It builds confidence in kids. 

radio or boom box with his favourite music is an enjoyable gift


Listening to the radio teaches us so much, yet it’s a dying pass-time these days because everyone and his dog owns an MP3 player or iPod. Giving him a radio as a present will help him to discover another world in which his friends may have never stood. He can also play his favourite music on the built-in CD player, as you can give him couple of CDs to start him off. They don’t have to be brand new, just music you think he may like. The music of “Shrek” were all songs we’d previously thought too old to take our kids’ fancy, but we’ve found that they love singing along to them.

An old-time voice recorder is an educational/fun gift for a boy

...On which he can record voices and sounds. This will take up hours of his spare time as boys will always find sounds that emit from the body quite funny. He can be very creative with this because unlike a DVD player, there is nothing to see. This allows a massive scope for a world of imagination and wonder. Dyslexic kids will find recording times tables and spellings on a voice recorder extremely useful. This is going to be one of his most memorable presents. My son has one of these.

Sports Equipment  are helpful presents for boys
Cricket bat and balls, a skate board, Squash or Badminton rackets with ball are all excellent gifts for boys (and girls). If he’s not into sports, a funny sports DVD will still entertain him for hours. Regardless of his feeling of sports, you could pay for a term’s tuition of a novel sport (like Wrestling, Baseball in England, Gaelic Football in the U.S, Curling in Asia; the possibilities are endless). This is something he’ll have to boast to his friends about. Boys love to boast, especially about something nobody else possesses or has done.
watch that does everything  is a meaningful gift for a boy

Imagine his little fingers searching button after button, and his hungry eyes eager to learn everything his watch can do. It’s a gift perfect for showing off to grandparents, friends, aunts and uncles. Boys like watches that not only tell the time, but that can serve as a compass while playing a tune and letting you know what time it is in Japan, at the same time as it can calculate how many sweets he can buy with the pocket money he has.
An afternoon at a climbing activity centre is a fun present 
Boys love to climb but are always getting told off for doing so for fear that they’ll hurt themselves. Going to a climbing activity centre means that your little one can do what he likes best with abandon. There are trained professionals there, with safe climbing equipment. Your little one will have the best time of his life, climbing, falling (safely) hanging from a harness in mid-air, going back up and finally getting to the top. Even better than the best fun ever, you take a couple of his friends with him. He’ll have something to tell the rest of his class for ages.

A little pet hamster
If you’re not the parent/guardian, obviously you need to get permission from the parent before giving this present. It gives him the opportunity to take on some responsibility for another creature other than himself and fills him with pride and confidence at his new-found power. Having a little tiny creature depend on him, creates his awareness of how important he is and how dependent we all are on each other. It heightens his sense of life and death (as you will make him aware that a hamster only lives for about 2-3 years). He will have his first love affair, and it will be good and pleasant. This is especially worthwhile if the boy is an introvert, extremely shy, or has some early developmental issues. See his vocabulary take strides because his pet will always be something he is ready to talk about. It’s the common ground whenever he feels uncomfortable or unsure.
All in all, a little hamster or gerbil works wonders for any little boy. A hamster is very easy to look after and cheap to maintain, not to mention loads of fun.

A ride in a fire engine
Bruder MAN Fire Engine
No boy would ever turn down a ride in a fire engine, especially if it comes with a chance to slip down the fireman’s pole as well. A lot of Fire Departments now cater for this kind of activity, if you donate to a charity of their choice (or there may be a straightforward payment). It would be possible to share the event with a few friends, then everyone gets a pretend fireman’s hat at the end of it all. This is a day your little lad will never forget.
So for that special birthday or upcoming holiday (or Christmas), get the little boy in your life something he will always remember.
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DoanLegacy September 14, 2010 at 3:25 PM  

You are giving me some ideas to buy for the upcoming Holidays! Thank you..

Anne Lyken-Garner September 14, 2010 at 8:15 PM  

Thanks for the visit, Amanda. Glad I could help :-)

Self Sagacity September 16, 2010 at 5:26 AM  

Those are great ideas! I will remember this post when it comes to Christmas and gift giving time. Or maybe if he brings home all As, I will surprise him. Wishing. Smiles.

myletterstoemily September 16, 2010 at 8:06 PM  

so many great ideas! my men would be
happy with most of these.

thank you.

DoanLegacy September 17, 2010 at 12:15 AM  

We have more boys in our big family, and this list is great for the older ones and younger ones as well!

Unknown September 21, 2010 at 4:16 AM  

Anne, what a clever list, however, I have so many I have to find things that cost less. There are 25 grands and 3 great grands now. :-)

Anonymous December 2, 2010 at 7:19 AM  

What a great resource!

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