Best Halloween Music For Your List

A countdown of the best Halloween songs collected from the top of everyone’s lists. Includes You Tube videos, MP3 download links and lyrics (in part).

Halloween is mostly a time for pretending you’re not home when kids come a'callin', but that’s another article. While you’re preparing the sweets for the little monsters and you’re elbow deep in pumpkin plop, why not download the following songs to make your Halloween special this year. According to all the best of the best lists, these are the definitive songs Halloween supporters have voted to the top of their play lists!

'Highway to Hell' by AC/DC

Frankly, this is an awesome song, but I can't see why this is a popular Halloween track. There's certainly nothing scary about it even though the repetitive lyrics make sure you know they are on their way to hell. The following lines may be the scariest of the entire song, and you will agree, they're not that creepy after all. But man, the rhythm is fantastic!

5 Best Ways to Have a Good Night’s Sleep

A definitive countdown of the best known ways to have a good nights’ sleep. You’ll never wake up with eye bags again!

Allocate your bedroom as a room for sleeping 
In these modern times people stuff their bedrooms with too many gadgets and electronic accessories. Strip your bedroom of these and allocate it a sanctuary. Don’t spend time in your bedroom in the day working on the computer or lying in bed watching TV. Do this elsewhere, even if you have to go to a cafe or a library to work. Your mind goes to stimulation (TV, games console etc) or work (computer) modes when you enter your bedroom. You want to set it aside, in your head, as a calming place.

Putting yourself to sleep with the TV or radio is a terrible mistake. Hearing is the last sense to ‘rest’ when we fall asleep (you can still hear voices when you’re asleep). That TV or radio is probably the reason you wake up so often.

Make sure your mattress is comfortable. You don’t have to splash out on a new one if you can’t afford it. Large stores do memory-foam mattress toppers which you buy as a roll to lay on top of your old mattress. The difference is remarkable.
Finally, make sure the things you can see while lying in bed are pleasant and calming. For instance, don’t have a stack of ironing piled at the foot of your bed.

Giving Birth: 6 Things They Keep Hidden

Giving birth is probably one of the most gratifying things you can ever experience! And this is true for the woman doing it and her husband present at the birth. This is why I think the negative things about childbirth are usually kept sealed away in the selective forgetfulness of the women who've been through it. If you dare, here are some things about giving birth we like to keep hidden.

Giving birth; 6 things they keep hidden

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