5 Things You Should Do Once A Year

Modern living means we spend more and more time checking our Facebook friends' photos of their cousin's birthday bash.  Twitter updates also take away that precious time we once found to play monopoly with the family, or arrange to meet up with 'real' friends. We collectively have longer lives, but progressively fewer hours to spend on living.  Here are some necessary things you should take time off to do at least once a year.

5 things you should do once a year


So Much More Than Hot

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My daughter has recently told us she wants to eat nothing spicy. To us this is not good news. My husband and I have always been extremely proud of the spicy curries we cook and enjoy. As a matter of fact, my signature meal is curried lamb on Friday nights (apologies to all my vegetarian friends).

It seems odd that two people who love their food spicy could have a daughter who wants nothing to do with the stuff. For me spice has always made my food taste better. I wonder about the celebrities who go into the Australian jungle and have to eat that bland rice and peas every day for the duration of their stay. Salt may not be that much of a problem, but frankly I'd have some issues eating that slush without some TABASCO® Original Red sprinkled all over it.  I could have that stuff over every thing I eat, including pizzas and omelets.

5 Essential Things You Should Do Once A Month

My previous article 5 Practical Things You Should Do Once A Week garnered so many Google searches that I was encouraged to do this post. Please use the comment form below to tell us about the things you think are vital to do at least once a month. It's important for us to learn from each other's experiences.


Detoxing is very important for ironing out the little flaws the body inevitably experiences from time to time. This is especially true for men and women in their 40s when hormone levels drop drastically and the body finds itself struggling to cope. Just one day in the month can be kept for eating less/eating only fruit and drinking lots of water. Detox the system in the way that's best for you. Spend time also concentrating on your strengths to harness them, then focus them on situations and events in your life causing you stress. Here's a workable detox article I wrote earlier.

Pay your debts
In these really difficult financial times, not many people can afford to pay off their credit cards every month. If you have one with 0 percent interest this is not so essential. Credit card companies make millions in profits from poor people. Don't be part of this statistic. If you can, pay off your credit cards and other debts in full.
If you're buying something big like a sofa or kitchen, many store chains offer these on a hire-purchase method, with no interest to pay. Your money is better off in your bank earning you interest, so paying by  this method is ideal - but obviously only worth it if you're not charged any interest. Debt can cause mental illness, strokes and anxiety disorders. Don't allow your lifestyle to put you in this position.

5 Practical Things You Should Do Once A Week

Most of us have filled our lives with so much stuff we have to keep very busy to cope with it all. Daily living is reduced to a noisy buzz, so the quality of life has to be measured on a weekly basis.  We have the same amount of hours in a day as our fathers and forefathers, yet because of all the fringe that surrounds everything we do, less and less time is allocated for living.
There are some easy ways to get rid of (or at least lighten) the growing collection of stress-inducing fringe that buries us.

5 practical things to do once a week

Super, Quick Tips For A Younger Look

Lines and grey hair are not the only signs that show your age. Oh, no! There are a lot more subtle indicators that old age is quickly catching up with you. If you're not into broadcasting your age and want to make the best possible use of your good looks, follow some simple rules and youth could be yours for the taking right up to the day you retire (and beyond).

Super, quick tips for a younger look
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