SATs Dumped

Today my son brought home a letter which stated that SATs, the exams eleven-year-olds have been taking for some time, have been squashed. My daughter, who was bulldozed through these exams last year, declared the situation completely 'unfair'.

Teachers have been saying for years that the education board should not make test results the ideal by which a child's academic development is measured. Kids and teachers alike would cram weeks and weeks of focused work into getting ready for SATs. Many times other curricular activities had to be put on the back bench just so that students were made ready for these definitive exams when only eleven years old (my son would've still been ten, had he done it).

Nice Things To Do For Family And Friends

My article, Enjoyable Things To Do For Your Sister has generated such an enormous response from people searching for this information, that I was encouraged to do this piece on nice things we can do for the family as a whole, and indeed close friends who make a difference in our lives. Take your pick of the suggestions below, put a smile on the face of someone you love, and make someone else's day.

If someone you love is going on a trip, put little notes in their bag where they’ll find them. You could also add some of their favourite treats as well (nothing that’ll leak or get their clothes messy).  It would be a great idea to include a meaningful photo of the two of you taken a long time ago, about which they may have forgotten. Finding it will bring back cherished memories of you two while you’re far away.

T-Shirts For Your Mum


We've already celebrated mother's day in this part of the world. Meanwhile, our neighbours on the other side of the pond are getting ready to mark this special occasion in a couple of weeks. So when I came across a website, Eclipse store, which makes a wide variety of funny t-shirts, I thought what an excellent idea for a mother's day (and grandma's) present!

Top Pop Songs To Sing With Your Kids

Singing songs to and with your children is an enjoyable, bonding experience for both you and them. Singing and music have long been shown to raise levels of well-being and contentment, so it's a perfect exercise with which to forge a stronger relationship with your child because you're both happy and unstressed. Not only does singing help in language development in little kids, but it also provides several physical and emotional heath benefits for all involved.

I sang lots of children's songs to our kids when they were little, but now they're older, they tend to lean towards pop music. This is why I've put together a list of pop songs that are perfect for singing to and with your kids. They speak of love, togetherness, happiness and contentment. They are happy songs, songs that bring you together and blend generations. Many of the older songs below are classics. No matter how young or old you are, they'll always mean something to you. Here's my list. Feel free to add your choices in the comment box below.
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Home-Made Remedies: Create Perfect Eyebrows

Home-Made Remedies; Create Perfect Eyebrows will help you give yourself a free face-lift in the time it takes to cook the roastFor those of us who can’t or won’t have a surgical face lift, this is the next best thing.  In this article I will suggest tried and tested ways to take years off your face.  I’ve discovered that these ways work instantly with lasting impact. When you're through reading this, hop over to our other top health articles to find other fabulous ways of staying and looking young. When you've done that, I've included some vital tools in this article to help you make the very best of your eyebrows. 

Being in the public eye as a photographic (and some times a cat-walk) model, I have to maintain a youthful appearance even though I am approaching that coming-of-age period in my life.  In an article about ageing (or not ageing) I promised to come back and talk about how big a role the eyebrows play in our appearance age. This is that follow-up.

Science Project Guides For Parents And Children

Here at the Relationship, we pride ourselves in family living and lifestyle. So when I made this wonderful discovery which makes helping your kids easier, and knew I had to share it with you. 

I know parents sometimes struggle to help their kids with homework. The older the kids get, the more ridiculously longer the assignments become. This is a guide you can purchase for an affordable amount. It has five solid, straight-forward science projects, with individual, easy-to-follow instructions. It saves you looking all over the Internet for last-minute projects, only to find out that you've got to rush out to the store to buy hefty, expensive ingredients.
Anne Lyken-Garner is a published author, editor and freelance writer. Her specialities include relationships and confidence building. You can find her inspirational memoir here.
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