Home-Made Remedies: Create Perfect Eyebrows

Home-Made Remedies; Create Perfect Eyebrows will help you give yourself a free face-lift in the time it takes to cook the roastFor those of us who can’t or won’t have a surgical face lift, this is the next best thing.  In this article I will suggest tried and tested ways to take years off your face.  I’ve discovered that these ways work instantly with lasting impact. When you're through reading this, hop over to our other top health articles to find other fabulous ways of staying and looking young. When you've done that, I've included some vital tools in this article to help you make the very best of your eyebrows. 

Being in the public eye as a photographic (and some times a cat-walk) model, I have to maintain a youthful appearance even though I am approaching that coming-of-age period in my life.  In an article about ageing (or not ageing) I promised to come back and talk about how big a role the eyebrows play in our appearance age. This is that follow-up.

Create perfect eyebrows

Keep your face frame in shape
A gorgeous picture frame adds beauty and elegance to a photograph.  In the same way your eyebrows (your face’s frame) add character and interest to your mug-shot. Well-kept eyebrows are vitally important to your face because they can be the difference between you looking ‘tired and drawn,’ or  ‘fresh and on the ball.’ The condition of your eyebrows also drastically affects your appearance age.

By comparison to other parts of your body they don’t need much work, and certainly are not expensive to keep in shape.
Before we start this exercise, let me say that if you’ve done this: 
...you have done yourself a disservice. This is not the look we are after and I would not, under any circumstances, recommend this abuse. Aim for a youthful look, not an aged, perpetually shocked expression.

Aim for:

The above, is what you should aim for; a natural, youthful-looking shape, which lifts your face and eyes.  As we age, less elastic flesh causes the brows to appear lower. This is why slightly lifting the eyebrows gives the natural illusion of youth.  

Here's how you properly shape your eyebrows. These amazing 
Tweezerman  Stainless Steel Slant Tweezer are perfect for the job!

We will henceforth use the illustration above to talk about how this procedure is carried out.

~We’ll start with the right side and work through the numbers on the above diagram. We will be plucking the eyebrows in quick succession, (one hair at a time) with the tweezers grabbing the hair from the very root.  Do not grab the hair in the middle.  You should feel the edge of the tweezers on your skin, just as close as you would a shaving stick.

~Clean the area we’ll be working with thoroughly. This is to minimise any (very unlikely) infection, but mainly to remove natural oils occurring on the face.  Oils can make the tweezers slip, which will cause minor pain and discomfort.  We will be working on dry, oil/cream-free, clean skin.

~Place the middle and fore fingers of your left hand between numbers one and two, and  pull that area up as tightly as you can. The tighter the skin, the less pain you’ll feel.  Notice that number two falls just slightly short of your eye’s natural outer edge.

~Do not touch the bulk of the hairs between section one and two, except for neatening up any stray ones that may be lingering out of formation at the bottom.  It is very important that if you’re neatening up stray hairs above the natural line of the eyebrow, that you do so sparingly.  Do not try to do any radical re-shaping at the top because this can result in hap-hazard growth later on. If there are any problems with uneven growth, simply colour in gaps with an eye-pencil or eyebrow powder.

~Now, this is the trickier part.  If you aren’t sure of the shape you want to achieve, I suggest drawing a line with a white eye pencil before you start to pluck. If this is too complicated, you can always get an Eyebrow Stencil  Place the same two fingers between numbers two and three, and again pull up and stretch the skin as tightly as you can.

~You can choose to pluck the hairs so that it forms a natural arch, or if you like, you can pluck them so that there is a curve at number 2, and an eventual downhill slant towards number 3. 

Below is a picture of me and the look I prefer: (an eventual downhill slant).

Apply a bit of Vaseline or clear mascara (or if you can afford it, some translucent eyebrow shaper) with a tiny brush to keep the hairs in place for the entire day. I use clear mascara to keep the hairs firmly in shape. The above look was created with a dark eye-brow pencil. Many people prefer to use powder instead because it gives them better control over how much colour is put on. 

You will notice in the above picture that the arch is an eventual one.  Some people like a sharper curve at number 2, but this is a personal choice. Notice that there’s a clean area of skin between my eyes and eyebrows.  This is the illusion of the youthful ‘wide-eyed’ look. 

I never cut the individual hairs with scissors because this makes them grow coarse, wide and out of control. You trim your hair to promote growth, you absolutely do not want to trim your eyebrows. 

Troubleshooting for perfect eyebrows

It’s harder for some people who have problematic eyebrows like this one.
I have a way of solving this.  First of all neaten up the bottom areas between numbers 1 and 2.  Remove the rest of the hair at the bottom - between the scar and number 3. We will now use dark eye pencil. I like this Define-A-Brow Eyebrow Pencil because they come in various shades. (However, make-up artists have often used eyebrow powder on me for this job). You can use either to colour in the rest of the space (this is where our childhood colouring-ins come in handy).  Let me demonstrate. Note: use the eye-pencil colour that matches your natural colour.

There is a scar between the two brown pencil marks I made.  I would remove all the hair below the pink arched line, then work with powder or pencil to colour in the space between the two brown lines.  This way, you have natural-looking eyebrows made up mostly of actual hair.  You can do this with almost any eyebrow. It’s really not difficult. 
It is important for teenaged girls not to mess with their eyebrows too much.  My suggestion is to leave it be until you’re about 25 when you actually do need to pluck.  Remember if you start plucking and shaving (which you should never, ever do to your eyebrows) too early, by the time you’re in your mid-twenties, your eyebrow hairs are so coarse and bushy from constant plucking, that they make you look much older than your years.

Now take a look at this picture

I don’t know if you can see it clearly, but I’ve left all the hair from number 1 to 2, (neatening up only the stray hairs at the bottom) and have plucked off the rest from number 3 to 4.  This was for a special occasion, where I wanted to get a more pronounced ‘lift.’
I then used a dark eyebrow pencil to colour in the rest of the eyebrows, which is the effect you see in the first picture I took for my agency last year (wearing the red top). This puts my eyebrows a fraction higher than they would normally be (even though I removed only the latter part of them) with the advantage of actually still having hair where hair is supposed to be.

Leave young, fine eyebrow hairs alone. You already have perfect eyebrows! The only thing younger girls need is a bit of Vaseline or clear mascara to keep their eyebrows in place. You'll have decades of tedious plucking when you get older.

Now have a look at this related article - Affordable, Home-Made Remedies: beautiful skin. Please send Home-Made Remedies: Create Perfect Eyebrows to someone you know can use it, or share it on your favourite networking site. Thank you. I can now recommend these really useful eyebrow shaping tools below, to help you get the job done. 



Unknown April 13, 2010 at 3:30 AM  

Anne, thanks for the eye brow grooming tips. Your eye brows are beautiful.

Icy BC April 18, 2010 at 12:46 PM  

Wonderful tips on grooming eye brows, Anne..You have beautiful ones!

Anne Lyken-Garner April 18, 2010 at 3:50 PM  

Thanks Judy and Icy.

Anonymous February 8, 2012 at 5:38 AM  

These are very helpful tips! I especially like how you addressed eyebrows with blemishes, like scars.

I agree that young girls shouldn't worry about plucking, but 25 is entirely too old. I think a more reasonable age would be maybe 14. Once a girl hits puberty, eyebrows often could use a good pluck. However, they should definitely get someone with experience to help them out, to make sure they don't overpluck.

Anne Lyken-Garner February 8, 2012 at 9:50 AM  

Thanks for your comment, but I have to disagree with you about the age 14. My daughter is 14 and her eyebrows are perfect. There's nothing wrong with them. Besides, she's busy worrying about exams and school, and not about small, non-existent hairs at the top of her eyebrows.

I was 29 when I started plucking mine. My peers now already have elderly eyebrows with bits sticking out if they don't pluck for 2 days, while mine is still soft and manageable.

Anne Lyken-Garner is a published author, editor and freelance writer. Her specialities include relationships and confidence building. You can find her inspirational memoir here.
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