Relationship Help Forum: Test Of Time

The relationship blog runs a regular relationship help forum where we take a real relationship crisis shared by a woman on a forum elsewhere. We edit all identifiable details, then publish the real story here, along with the advice I offered. Today we'll look at *Danielle's (not her real name) story of a young love struggling to stand up to the test of time. The normal response of most women is to hang onto dying love, trying to fan its flames again despite signs of it not working. Sometimes the best thing to do is to leave it alone and walk away. Here's why.

7 Warning Signs: Online Dating Profiles

Do you know how to look for warning signs on online dating profiles? Dating is difficult as is, but when it comes to online dating it’s a whole new ball park. This is the time that judging a book by its cover is probably a good thing. Men’s online dating profiles can say a lot about them before you even speak with them. To avoid the clingers and mass cat keepers online take heed of these warning flags and date carefully.

7 warning signs: online dating profiles


Top 10 Flexible Jobs For Mums and Dads

Top 10 flexible jobs for mums and dads will show you how to change the way you work. In today's society, more and more mums and dads are doing superhuman tasks of simultaneously raising young kids and working outside the home. We all know what a tightrope this is, and how impossible it seems to create a workable balance between the two. This is why it was important for The Relationship Blog to come up with the best, most enjoyable, flexible jobs for mums and dads. Take your pick from below.

Top 10 flexible jobs for mums and dads


Kids And Store Displays

It's surprising how well we cope with things that happen in our own lives, but fail miserably when traumatic things happen to our kids. Something happened to me a few days ago that made me remember my son's (accidental) attempt in blinding himself. 

Retail store fixtures can look fantastic and appealing. So appealing in fact, that some kids find it hard to resist the beautiful displays that look so simple, yet obviously take so much time to prepare and create. When my son, Gabs was about 2 years old I took him to the shoe store to get some walking shoes for myself. I had him in a push-chair, his older sister on the buggy board attached to the push chair, and what turned out to be his younger sister, in my tummy somewhere.

There was a beautiful, glass display shelf filled with expensive shoes right at his arms reach. (This was not what I was looking at). Right next to the glass shelf was a collection of store fixtures sporting shoes in the medium range bracket. This was more up my street.

Relationship Forum: Keep Him Hanging On

The relationship forum is a regular element on the Relationship Blog. It's based on a relationship forum connected to this site. These are real relationship issues faced by women like us. 

I edit all identifiable details of the women who write to me, but I present their stories here because I know that many of you face the same issues in your own relationships. I also include my advice to them so that you too can be helped, not only by this advice, but by the strength of the women involved in these relationship crises. Today's story is about *Lily (not her real name), and the way in which she's dealt with the aftermaths of a relationship she chose to walk away from. 
Anne Lyken-Garner is a published author, editor and freelance writer. Her specialities include relationships and confidence building. You can find her inspirational memoir here.
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